Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yes, I Was Blair Waldorf for Halloween

It is ridiculously difficult to come up with a good Halloween costume. My creativity has already been channeled elsewhere, apparently, because I always seem to draw a blank. I think this is because we Brantners weren't allowed to celebrate Halloween before 2004. Mom and Dad, this is all on you.

But my friends had awesome costumes:

And mine turned out okay. Besides,
who could pass up seeing this?

Or this?

Or any of these?

All in all, an evening well-spent.

Also, this blog is sub-par, and that's all on Katelyn. But that's okay, cause we're in love.


  1. we are in love!! and i am soooooo (etc) looking forward to nablopomo from you! love from your roomie!

  2. so I'm guessing you aren't doing nablopomo?