Thursday, February 11, 2010

For My Beautiful Blonde Invalid

Since my roommate went away

I don't know how to face the day

But I know that she's in pain

So I'll try not to complain.

Last night I slept in Marie’s room

She helps to ward off the gloom

But it will creep back in soon

In Katelyn’s absence I find no boon.

Her surgery went really swell

Now her body won’t rebel

And even though she’s now unwell

Soon she will leap like a gazelle.

I hope that she’s not too hurt

To watch some Glee and laugh at Kurt

Or find a cute resident and get her flirt

On, even if she doesn’t have a skirt (On).

For now she can’t do the Hoedown Throwdown

But please, dear Katelyn, don’t frown

For soon enough you’ll dance around

Even if Asbury makes you skip town.

And now I’ll end this silly rhyme

Because I think it’s a lyrical crime

But remember, Katelyn, you’re really divine

And as for roomies—you’re all mine!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Inclement Weather Advisory

Today I missed class due to inclement weather. I shouldn't have. Fail all around.

The 'bury is trying out this newfangled text messaging system. It worked--I think. It could be that some random person is just texting weather advisory messages. But either way, when my phone beeped at 8:11 and I saw the words "one hour delay," I believed them.

Bad decision, Taylor.

When I got up at 9:15 (around when I generally leave for class) my dear Lola told me I'd been lied to. I checked the email, and she was right. "For non-essential personnel. Morning classes will run as normally scheduled."

Good one, Asbury.

So I'm rather annoyed. I like Dr. Strait's class. In fact, it's my favorite class. I want to be there soaking up highfalutin' ideas and pondering Shakespeare. Instead, I'm here blogging. Boo.

Of course, it was only a few minutes ago that I realized an hour delay wouldn't affect me at all since I don't actually have an 8am.

Why did they send the delay warning almost fifteen minutes after non-essential personnel would have left for work? And why send it to essential personnel (students are definitely an essential to a college running)? And why so vague?

Overall, fail for everyone. Myself included. Off to class thirty minutes late and looking like it.

Edit: The sky is crying death and misery. No fun. But Dr. Strait was cool, so I guess it all works out.