Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Inclement Weather Advisory

Today I missed class due to inclement weather. I shouldn't have. Fail all around.

The 'bury is trying out this newfangled text messaging system. It worked--I think. It could be that some random person is just texting weather advisory messages. But either way, when my phone beeped at 8:11 and I saw the words "one hour delay," I believed them.

Bad decision, Taylor.

When I got up at 9:15 (around when I generally leave for class) my dear Lola told me I'd been lied to. I checked the email, and she was right. "For non-essential personnel. Morning classes will run as normally scheduled."

Good one, Asbury.

So I'm rather annoyed. I like Dr. Strait's class. In fact, it's my favorite class. I want to be there soaking up highfalutin' ideas and pondering Shakespeare. Instead, I'm here blogging. Boo.

Of course, it was only a few minutes ago that I realized an hour delay wouldn't affect me at all since I don't actually have an 8am.

Why did they send the delay warning almost fifteen minutes after non-essential personnel would have left for work? And why send it to essential personnel (students are definitely an essential to a college running)? And why so vague?

Overall, fail for everyone. Myself included. Off to class thirty minutes late and looking like it.

Edit: The sky is crying death and misery. No fun. But Dr. Strait was cool, so I guess it all works out.

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  1. I miss you roomie! I got that text as well and also wondered why I received it since I am, in fact, a student. Oh well... 'Asbury fail' is right. Much love to you from me.