Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You Wanna Know Me?

I was cleaning out my documents folder and found a list of random things about myself. I'm pretty sure it was for one of those mass facebook notes I never responded to, but hey, it's still valid. Or is the word I'm looking for "egocentric?"

Random pointless things about Taylor:

1. I had no hair until the first grade. When I was a toddler my parents would dress me up in frilly pink things and take me to the store, and little old ladies would say, “Oh, what a cute boy you have!” Now my friends say I have goddess hair. I guess it's an even trade.

2. I have a Dasani addiction, but I'm pretty sure I'd be okay with Fuji, too.

3. I rode to the Capitol’s Fourth of July '07 in a Secret Service SUV. And met Elmo.

4. I used to have an imaginary raccoon named Tas (Tay-z) that would only come out during the nine hour car ride to my grandmother’s.

5. I took a nap in the back pew of the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris. There was a service going on, but I was just tired from a walking tour. I feel I should regret this, but I really don't.

6. My first memory is moving from Pennsylvania to Ohio when I was three. I tried to lug my suitcase down the stairs, tripped, tumbled, and got a bloody nose. My mom is convinced I don’t really remember, I’ve just heard the story often enough to delude myself. Does this mean all my memories of running unsupervised around the forest at age 4 are made up, too?

7. I never realized that I break my food into pieces before eating it until my friends lovingly started making fun of me for it.

8. I hate all vegetables except potatoes. And fake ones like corn and pumpkin.

9. Though I sometimes tear up, I have not actually cried since the seventh grade.

10. From grade 6 to grade 11, I wanted to be a fashion designer or a hairstylist.

11. My favorite snack is Pal’s cheddar rounds. I will wake up at 9 on a Saturday to eat them before breakfast closes.

12. Lost is the only TV show I’ve watched since the pilot. No longer true. I'm two season behind. Man, how old was that list? All the others I started in the 3rd or 4th season and, almost always, caught up on the previous seasons before the next week’s episode.

13. I’m a military brat, but not really.

14. I hate being the center of attention, but still like to be recognized.

15. When I laugh at my own jokes, it’s not because I think they’re clever. It’s because I’m asking myself, “Why the hell did I just say that?”

16. It takes me a ridiculously long time to get to know people.

17. I used to love animals. I would tag along to the animal shelter with my Mom, hold a kitten until I fell in love, and beg my mom to take it home. She always let me - I'm onto you, Mom, with your subterfuge pet adoption methods. It just took a few years. Now? I can't pet an animal without feeling like I need to wash my hands. Thanks, OCD.

18. I am ADD about my hobbies. I'll get really into read: become kinda obsessed with something, then drop it for something else. It makes me worry about my future career.

19. I will probably regret putting half of this in a blog. I really need a filter.

20. I LOVE my friends - because this belongs in every blog I write.


  1. It's amazing! I never knew most of this stuff about you! Like Tas? When did that happen?

  2. interesting facts. this was cool.